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Business Vocabulary For the Business Environment

Business vocabulry

Business vocabulary

The first question to ask is, ‘what is the difference between general English vocabulary and business vocabulary. Well business vocabulary for the business environment is different and is mainly used as a language tool for business,  whereas general English is based more on the basic and conversational use of words.  Business is more of a complex way of speaking .

lets see some examples:

requesting something

GENERAL:      Please make sure you arrive at 5pm.
BUSINESS:   Please ensure that your arrival at 5pm.


GENERAL:   When will I get the package?
BUSINESS:  When will I receive the email?


GENERAL:   Let’s talk about it now.
BUSINESS:  Let’s discuss it now.

Can you see the different words used in the above sentences, talk instead of discuss and so on.

See the chart below how formal English words are different to business English

Business vocabulary

Business vocabulary

of course you can use both category of words in a non business environment, but more times than not business English vocabulary is learnt for business environment use.

another big difference are phrasal verbs and expressions, for example:

Common Business Phrasal Verbs  

Branch out

  • Meaning: Expand or extend one’s interests
  • Example: I’m leaving my job so I can branch out on my own.

Break into

  • Meaning: Enter (with effort or force)
  • Example: It’s great how john broke into music.

Carry on

  • Meaning: Continue
  • Example: He moved to a more quiet room to carry on his work.

Close down

  • Meaning: Stop operating
  • Example: The company has decided to close down Due to the bad results over several years.

there are hundred of examples on how to use business phrasal verbs and ESO teachers can guide you to a better understanding of business English. Our business students benefit from our live lessons and they achieve better working position in the work environment.

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