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Take BEC Exam Preparation Courses Online With ESO

Get an expert English teacher online in BEC with ESO, and maximize your chances of passing the BEC exams. Even if your English is of a very high standard, some targeted tuition will be necessary to help you achieve BEC qualification.
Employers look for proof of English proficiency and the Business English Certificates are an internationally recognised qualification.

To pass the BEC exams, you need to do more than speak fluent English. You must be able to read, write and converse in English, in a business environment, loaded with terminology, jargon, idioms and expressions.
ESO delivers BEC preparatory courses online with a personal teacher, that not only prepare you to pass the exams, but also equip you for your future career You can build on your current high level of English ability, and learn the vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and expressions needed to succeed in an English-speaking business environment.

Whether you’re preparing for BEC Preliminary, Vantage or Higher, we can deliver a course of one-to-one lessons online, to help you achieve your goal.
And if you are in a hurry to sit your exams, we can fast track your progress. With our intensive BEC courses online you will receive the same high standard of tuition, at an accelerated pace, over a shorter period of time.

With a BEC qualification you can also demonstrate to potential employers and universities that not only are you a fluent English speaker, but you also have a good grasp of the Business English language skills needed for success in an international business environment. As international trade continues to boom, multi-lingual employees are highly sought after. With the BEC qualification, which is recognised around the world, you will give your business career the best possible start. So take the first step to an international career.

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