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Some people say that English is not important if you are working in a non English speaking country. Well I would wholeheartedly disagree with them. English is one of the main factors for people getting not only a better job, but also more money.

The next best thing to speaking good English is an English diploma. A diploma shown in your CV will enhance your chances of getting that new job you are after or just to show that you should be taken seriously as an employee of the company.

Statistics show that 65% more people get the job they are after, if they speak other languages, English being the most important one.

OK, it is obvious that if you are a street cleaner or work in the local McDonalds you may not need to use a lot of English, if none at all, but most people aspire to better jobs and that is were you come up against a brick wall if you don’t speak English.

At English Study Online, students from all over the world prepare for English exams and take the English diploma course.

ESO teachers are fully qualified to teach English at all levels, and further more they are all native speaking teachers.

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