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The best way to learn english



Best way to learn English?  yep there are many ways to learn English, but which is the best.
There isn’t a definite answer, at least not one that suites all students.  It depends on many aspects and here below I will give you the reasonings behind them, and how you can find the best way for you.

The following points will help you to progress with your English skills, for instance, always read everything you can get your hands on, make sure though it’s for your level of English.

Take notes of all new vocabulary.

Speak to native English teachers as much as possible, if you don’t have that opportunity, find an online school with native teachers such as Bell English, English tutors or ESO, English study online.

Watch stuff on YouTube, films or series on Netflix or any English speaking channel.  Immerse yourself into all aspects of the English language.

Go abroad to an English speaking country and practise your English there.

So that leaves the question, ‘which is best for you’.   That depends on how committed you are to learn the language and how important it is that you learn it.
Do you need it for work,  academic purposes or just an addition for your list of languages, are you a polyglot.

The best way to learn English

I always advise that academic or serious learners should find a qualified English teacher, online being the cheapest and most convenient, but if you have a teacher locally, then go for it.

It is estimated that there are north of 2 billion English speaking people, in the world, that’s why it’s considered the international language.

Did you know that in China,  there are thought to be around 400 million English language learners.  Also, if you can speak and write English to at least advance level, you are 78% more likely to get a job that requires English.







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