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The most affordable and quickest way to improve your English is online with qualified English native speaking teachers.

What to look out for:

1. Make sure your teacher is either CELTA or TEFL qualified.
What does this mean- Simply that they have trained to teach English as a second language

2. Make sure that the teacher or teachers are native English speakers.
What does this mean- Simply that they were born and brought up in an English speaking country.

3. They have at least two years experience in teaching online.
What does this mean- Online teachers need a good online teaching background to give the best teaching experience to the student.

4. Make sure that all lesson materials are supplied by the online school.
What does this mean-  All good schools should supply learning material without cost to the student.

5. Ask the school all the questions that need answering for your English needs.
What does this mean- All good schools will have an answer to all your questions and should supply a tailor made course to suit your learning needs.

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