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Why should I take an English exam?

Finding my dream job

There are no specific reasons why you should take an English exam.  Let’s face it, not everyone wants or craves to learn English as a second language.

So why should I take an English exam? is what you call a question with more than one answer.

let’s look at the reasons why you should take an English exam is you are a career minded person.
  1.  It’s been proved time and time again that employees that have an English certificate anything from intermediate to proficiency stand a better chance to progress in the workplace.
  2. If you have proof you are a proficient speaker, the chances are that you will get the job before anyone else not as proficient in English as you.  That is if the job requires you to speak English.  Studies show that 68% more likely to nest another person to the job.
  3. Not only does it open doors at home, but also internationally.  Does your company work internationally, do they relocate their people or even require English speaking personnel to trouble shoot in other countries. The window of opportunity is considerable larger if you are a proficient speaker.

OK let’s look at the reasons you don’t need English in the workplace.

1.   Your company is local and doesn’t need to interact with English speaking people,  OK that is fine, but why would you want to stay in a locally setup business with no possibility to grow within the workplace.

Career minded people should always look to expand their horizon and to do this English is probably the number one reason for success.

So taking an English exam and having it in your curriculum vitae is gold dust when you are looking for your dream job or want to climb the business ladder.  Don’t underestimate how beneficial knowing English to a high level is for your work career.

So how do you go about getting an English diploma.  There are several ways. You can go and enrol in a school that teaches English and then register to take a Cambridge exam.

You can self study and then register for an English exam.

Online school with qualified teachers

Or you can prepare online with an online English school.  Just make sure that the online school has native qualified English teachers and that you can study and take lessons at your pace.







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