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Why are Cambridge English exams so important? the FCE, CAE and CPE Cambridge English exams are important for the following reasons:


All English exams are important to help you improve and to acknowledge your level of English, but the Cambridge exams are recognised throughout the world and in particular hold credence to most European universities and academic institutions.

But here are more reasons:

  • These exams will help you to use everyday English, like socialising, writing an email or letter.  Most students take the exams to show that they have reached a good level of English for the following reasons:
  • The work place and to progress faster in your career.  It has been proved that if you hold an English exam level FCE, CAE or CPE your chances of getting your dream job is enhanced by 65% percent.  So if you are up against someone who has no English qualifications, the chances are that you have the job in the bag.
  • Cambridge English exams are designed to cover all aspects of English that you will need in the modern world.  There are 4 categories: writing, speaking, listening and Reading.
  • You can progress from FCE through to CPE which is the highest level, proficiency English. This level puts you in the category of the native English speakers.
  • You can take these exams in most countries around the world.
  • You can also take Cambridge English exams in most countries around the world.
  • Finally, you can take a Cambridge preparation course in a school local to you or even better directly online with qualified English native English teachers.  At ESO English study online teachers are qualified to teach Cambridge exams at all levels.     You can also find other courses at www.English-study-online.com

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