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There are many advantages: economical, convenient, fast track learning…..

But what exactly are the main reasons why you might want to learn how to improve your English? Well to begin with, from a purely vocational point of view English is generally accepted to be the global language of business so if you are hoping to get on in business a good grasp of the language is practically essential.

Whether you are a native speaker and want to brush up on your grammar, or a non-native speaker still in the process of learning the language, a good online course may be just the thing you need.

Learning online is in many ways more convenient than attending night school. If you travel a lot then you can work on your course from anywhere in the world, or if you are already in a job and don’t have the time to attend classes, you can fit the work in around your working hours. Online courses are generally designed to be flexible and this is perhaps the main reason so many people opt for them. Online courses are live and take place in real time. As well as the teachers being native teachers, they are qualified and have many years experience in teaching English as a foreign or second language.

Furthermore, learning how to improve English online means that not only can you do the work when and where you want, you can also complete the tasks in as much time as you need. Everybody finds certain things more difficult than others. For example, you may find learning the basics of grammar and pronunciation much easier than actually putting them into practice in sentences. If you were going to a night class then you would have to keep up with other members of the class, but online it’s entirely up to you when you feel ready to move on to the next stage of your course and your online teacher will help you progress to the next step.

Last but not least, online learning with your own private teacher is the most affordable way to learn English.

Many one to one lessons taken in schools can set you back as much as £45/55 euros per hour, whereas online a lesson can cost you as little as a few pounds.

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