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Quick And Comprehensive CPE Tuition

Take ESO’s CPE preparatory courses online with a personal teacher, for one-to-one attention and tailor-made lesson content. When you first enrol, one of our qualified teachers will assess your current skill level. They will then develop an action plan to get you ready to pass your CPE exams.
Your CPE private lessons and tips online are delivered at the times that you choose and you will be the only student tutored during this time slot, so your teacher is able to focus on you.
When you achieve the CPE you will demonstrate to employers that you have reached an extremely high standard of English and can cope with working in an English speaking environment.

ESO also offers thorough CPE preparation in listening, reading, writing and speaking online. You may already be a proficient English speaker and the CPE qualification will prove to prospective employers, or universities, that you have the language skills they need.
To get you exam ready, ESO offers CPE private lessons and tips online. During lessons you will be taught by a native English speaker, giving you ample opportunity to practice your listening and speaking skills. You will also complete homework assignments that stretch and develop your English reading and writing ability.

So imagine a classroom with only you and your teacher in it? No-one around to interrupt the flow of the lesson with questions. Yet you are free to speak up, or ask something whenever you like. Now imagine that the course content is exactly tailored to reflect your current ability and prepare you to meet your own personal goals.
ESO’s CPE preparatory courses online with a personal teacher will give you all of that and more.
We also have a media library full of English lessons, such as the English infinitive video lesson online, which you can either watch via our website, or download onto your digital media device.

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