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Learn how to English and learn English quickly.

Learn how to English takes a lot of planning and structure and here are some points in how to learn how to English.

Practise the following points and you will be very successful in your English studying.
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How to learn english


  1.  Speak a little English everyday.  If you don’t know a native English speaker, listen to podcasts or you tube English courses where you need to reply to simple questions.

2.  Improve your vocabulary by expanding your word list, carry a dictionary and add new words to your list, but remember, to learn them well, you need to use them in conversation.

3.  Find an online course with a native teacher, so you can practice both of the above in a one to one class environment.|

4.  Read read read.  Reading a newspaper article or even a book can help you to improve your grammar and most importantly your vocabulary.  Read aloud so that you can hear how you read.

5.  Keep a diary.  This is the best way to practise your writing.  Also, social media is a good way to write in English, even a pen pal would be a good way to keep your writing practise going.

6.  Stay motivated.  If you stay motivated you will not give up when your studying gets tough, let’s face it, learning a new language is not the simplest thing you will ever do.

Last but not least, make friends with native English speakers or even better find an English teacher online if you are a serious learner and you need fast improvements for academic or work place reasons.

learning English online is easy and you can find many online schools.  But to help you decide on a good online school, here are a few pointers.

a.  Make sure that the teachers are English native speaking teachers

b.  Make sure they have either a CELTA or TEFL certificate.  In other words they must be qualified to teach English as a second language.

c.  The school can do lessons at your convenience.  Whether you want a mid week lesson, a weekend lesson, either morning or evening, the teachers at the school must be flexible, so ask the question on the teachers flexibility.

d.  Make sure the teachers give homework, so that you can work on the homework in your own time.

e.  Make sure that the online school supply all the lesson material.

If you get all the above you are surely looking at the right online school.


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