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Can I improve my English online

Can I improve my English online

English lessons online

If your question is can I improve my English online the answer is yes.
There are many ways to improve your English,  but online has definitely advantages against other methods.  Let me explain.  You can find many online schools who advertise English courses, but the things to note before you join and pay your hard earned money to one of these schools are:

1. Do they have qualified English teachers

2.  Are the teachers English native speakers

3.  Do they supply learning materials

4. Do they tailor make the lessons to your needs

5. Can you take the lessons at your convenience

and finally

6.  Are they affordable


lets start with the first point

  1.  Teachers should all have either TEFL or CELTA qualifications, this means that they are qualified to teach English as a second language.  This is an extremely important point to consider.  Imagine being taught by a teacher that is not at the right level to teach English, be leave me there are 1000’s on the internet.
  2. all teachers should be native speakers. Only native speakers are at the level to teach you idioms and English expressions as they have loved and spoken them all their lives.
  3. the school should supply learning materials as this can be expensive if you need to buy course books to take an online course.  Remember you should pay the hourly fee  that is advertised and no more.  Look out for hidden costs.
  4. if teachers tailor make lessons to the students needs, the student will improve quicker without question. Working on stuff that you already know is not productive and further more not cost effective for the student.
  5. taking lessons at your convenience is one of the most asked questions to online schools.  Knowing that you can decide 24/7 when to take the lesson is a really beneficial aspect of taking lessons online.  At ESO English study online for instance the teachers are available right around the clock, you decide when you want to take lessons and how many times a week.
  6. the main question students ask is ‘how much does a lesson cost’ most English schools charge in access of £25 per one hour lesson and I have not seen any reputable school online charge less than ESO. Lessons for one hour start at £11 with your own qualified private English teacher.

I hope I have answered the most important questions, but if you have any more questions, do not hesitate in contacting us on

we will be happy to answer any question you may have.




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