Would you prefer to sit in a classroom with a bunch of other students, or stay in your comfortable home in front of your own computer?

Would you like to travel into town to attend a real-life class, or stay at home and avoid all the traffic?

Share your teacher with a room full of people, or have their undivided attention for one hour?

Learn from a teacher who recently acquired English, or take instruction from a native speaker who has used English their whole life?

In a straight fight between a real-life English school and ESO's online learning environment, ESO wins!

ESO will provide all the course materials you need, including a mixture of written, audio and video media. You can access our library of materials whenever you can reach a computer, and you can book your private English lessons for any time, and any day that suits you. ESO runs to your timetable. Whether you want to impress future employers, improve your Business English, or join in a social conversation, ESO can tailor your lessons to meet your goals.

Your personal English teachers will work with you to tailor your private English lessons to your current standard of English, and your learning objectives. Our English Exam Preparation course provides an affordable, effective way to prepare for English exams, and boasts a 98% success rate, while our Business English course provides a platform for successful English communication in the workplace. You can compare our packages and pricing structure to identify the option that best suits you, or register with ESO and we will contact you to discuss your options.

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