Understanding English tenses is crucial as tenses are the building block of the English language. If you want to speak English and write English properly, tenses must be learnt and used correctly. If you are from a country that does not have a tense system, it will be difficult to master the English tenses, but with practice and a good teacher, all will be overcome. In many cases the tenses and time reference have no relationship, making it very difficult to understand. Do you get confused when deciding to use either the simple or continuous form of the tense, this is a minefield for most students. The Perfect tense for instance has a major rule, you need to learn the past participle verbs, as these are used with the HAD or HAVE auxiliary verbs. OK, so you are a beginner and find the tenses difficult to understand, don’t worry, they can be simplified by watching English irregular verbs video lesson online or if you prefer one to one tuition the best way to learn the grammar is to learn with a private english qualified teacher online the teacher will be able to explain the tenses and how to use them in a live lesson environment, a quick way to master all aspects of grammar. The English language has many tenses like, PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE being the main ones, but also the CONTINUOUS and PERFECT tenses, in all there are twelve different tenses to learn before you can qualify as an established learner of the English language. So, you have read this article and are none the wiser, so see by doing the test how much you really know. We have put together a beginners level test for you, try it out and see if you have mastered the English tenses at beginners level.

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