What are the Benefits of Teaching Online?

why are so many teachers, professionals and language experts becoming members of the online teaching community? The motives are many and are both personal as well as professional.

Let's look at a few . . .

Flexibility: One of the best perks of being an online teacher is that you don’t have to be anywhere specific– you can do your work from any place that has a connection to the Internet.

Information sharing: Resources can be easier to access and share in digital format. Online education can use search engines, digital libraries and social networking tools to find, access and share materials. No heavy books to carry to school, your lesson plans can be organized on your computer.

Global tutoring: Due to the phenomena of the World Wide Web, you can teach students from all over the world, teaching opportunities are endless.

Self-employment: Looking to subsidise your income? Work days and times that suit your weekly schedule.

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