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There are many reasons to learn English, but every one has different reasons for doing so. Whether you need to improve pronunciation, general English grammar or preparing for an English exam you can do all of this in private English lessons online with your own personal qualified English teacher. English is not the hardest language to learn, but learning it can be very expensive if you learn in private lessons in a school or with a personal one to one teacher, that is why online learning is becoming more and more popular.

Here are the main reasons why people learn English:

1. English is the most commonly used language among foreign language speakers and it is the international language for communicating around the world.

2. Knowing English well will make you bilingual and will make you more employable.

3. Alongside Chinese and Spanish, English is the most spoken language.

4. English is commonly spoken throughout much of the world due to Great Britian’s expansion during the colonial age. People in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, parts of Africa, India, and many smaller island nations speak English. English is the commonly adopted second language in Germany, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands. Speaking English opens these countries and cultures up to you.

5. English is important to the computer world and science.

6. English is based on an alphabet and, compared to Chinese, it can be learned fairly quickly.

7. English is also the language of the Film Industry, so you will not have to depend on subtitles.

8. It brings different cultures together.

9. English is the most written language in the world.

10. English speakers in the work place earn more money and improve their standard of living.

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