• 1. 'Fewer' vs 'Less' - If you can count the substance to which you are referring, then the correct term is 'fewer'. When the concept is intangible, such as time, then use 'less'.
  • 2. 'It's' vs 'Its' - For the contraction of ‘it is', use ‘it's'. To indicate possession the correct term is 'its'.
  • 3. 'Have' vs 'Have Got' - There's no difference in meaning between these, so there's no need to agonize over which is the correct term. More more information on 'have' and 'has', watch our English to have video lessons online.
  • 4. 'Then' vs 'Than' - When talking about the passage of time, use 'then'. The term 'than' is used when making comparisons.
  • 5. 'Your' vs 'You're' - 'Your' indicates possession, while 'you're' is a contraction of 'you are'.
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