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The use of the Apostrophe is a nightmare for most students, when do I use it, how do I use it… let me try to answer the many questions regarding the Apostrophe.

1. The Apostrophe is PLURAL

You can explain that there are more than one letter ‘t’ in Written

There are two t’s in Written

2. It also indicates possession

Jenny’s trousers are red

In the possessive you put the Apostrophe after the s, for example:

Singers’ voices

My cousins’ trousers

3. It is a contraction

Contractions are the reduced form of a word, for instance:

Does not – Doesn’t

Do not – Don’t

4. ITS and IT’S What is the difference

You use IT’S when you are wanting to say IT IS whereas with ITS, You are trying to indicate possession, for example:

The cat is known for its cute smile

5. In Names it is possessive and both accepted.

Albert’s friends are all French

Alberts Friends are all French

Apostrophe is a small area of the rules in English grammar and whether you watch English grammar video lessons or you prefer to take English courses online you can master the rules of English language quickly and effectively.

The Apostrophe is the most misunderstood and misused punctuation in the English language, but it is not difficult to learn.

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