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Idiomatic for the native speaker

Idioms and vocabulary

The  beautiful English language.

Most people asked say that French the sexy language, Italian the musical language or even the sound of the Spanish language are the preferred languages when asked which language they prefer the sound of. The beautiful English language is up there in my opinion.

English has one of the largest vocabularies and has beautiful expressions.  In this article I will show you what I mean.  I hope you will agree that English is high up on the list when it comes to the beautiful language debate.

lets start with some exquisite words and their meaning:

Discombobulate – to disconcert or confuse someone.   I am discombobulated by your explanation.
Fluffy – covered in fluff.   Wow that dog is really fluffy.

Phenomenal – remarkable, exceptional.  You are a phenomenal person.

Supine – lying face down.  She was lying face down on the bed.

solitude – isolation, seclusion.  We enjoyed the solitude of the countryside.

Aurora – early morning dawn.  The skyline aurora was beautiful.

Idyllic – happy, peaceful, picturesque.  What an idyllic setting.

Euphoria – intense excitement and happiness.  The euphoria when I passed my exam was amazing.

and then there are expressions, idioms that flower the English language when you write or  speak, let’s see a few below.  Have you ever come across these expressions.

Hit the hay – means when you want to go to sleep.  Sorry guys I am going to hit the hay, I am so tired.

Stabbed in the back – to be betrayed.  “I don’t want to be Friends with john, he stabbed me in the back.

Kill two birds with one stone – to do two things in one go.  “Why not go to the post office on your way to the bank and kill two birds with one stone?”

Cost an arm and a leg – something very expensive.  I really wanted that watch, but I cannot afford it, it costs and arm and a leg.

Ok they might not be your favourite ones, and there are hundreds if not thousand of English expressions.  You can learn them on your own or with a fully qualified English teacher.

To become good at English like a native speaker, you would need to be fluent in English. To  be fluent, you would need to know your phrasal verbs, idioms, and the more native spoken vocabulary.

at English Study  Online our fully qualified native English teachers can guide you to a native proficiency level.  Our private one to one lessons are tailor made to the students immediate English needs.



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