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ESO Offers FCE Exam Preparation Courses Online

When you take FCE exam preparation courses online with ESO, you can set the lesson times to fit in with your schedule, so you can continue with your existing job or schooling, while improving your English and preparing for the test. And because we understand that people progress better when offered a range of learning resources, you can supplement your course with other online resources. You can practice your listening skills with our downloadable pre-recorded audios and test your English grammar with videos and quizzes.
All of our team members are qualified, native English speakers, so with ESO you get an expert English teacher online in FCE, and top quality tuition.

Those wishing to seek accreditation for this level of English ability, perhaps to apply for a job or academic course, can study FCE exam preparation courses online with ESO.

We will assess your current proficiency, then develop a plan of private lessons that will help you fully prepare to pass the FCE exam. We will monitor your progress and supplement your classes with homework, to give you the best possible chance of success.

We understand how important this exam is to you, as a gateway to future academic learning and career opportunities, so give yourself the best possible chance of passing your exams with this FCE preparation course online.
Because our tuition is delivered online, you can take your lesson anywhere there is an Internet connected computer and at any time that suits you.
You will get private tuition from a qualified teacher, who works with your existing skill base.
If you already have your exam booked and need to prepare for it quickly, we also offer Intensive FCE courses online.

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