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So which is the most spoken language and what comes close.

Most people think that English is the most spoken language as it is considered by pretty much everyone as the international language

Map of the most spoken languages

It is fair to say that English is probably the most useful language for business and travel as it is the second language for most people.  So if you travel to Spain let’s say and you don’t know much Spanish, you would speak in English to communicate 95% of the time.

ok, let’s see which languages make the top of the list,


last time I looked 1.2 billion people spoke chinese.  Mandarin being the most spoken.  Ok so Chinese is at number one, but what use might it have in the modern world, well very little in my opinion, let’s face it, for most Europeans Chinese would not be the language to go to for communicating in Spain, Italy or even Germany, let alone somewhere in Asia.  So I understand that chinese is spoken by 1 in 6 people around the world, but it is very much concentrated in One area of the world.


Spanish comes  up a distant second. If we take the native speakers Spanish pips English with 400 million speakers.  It has a large territory, south and Central America take up a large territory of Spanish speakers.


Are you studying English, you could be one of half a billion people who speak English as a second language. Add the 360 million native English speakers and you can quickly see that English is considered the lingua franca of business, travel and international relations.  So you might say that English is the second most spoken language world wide, yes it is if you add the native speakers to the non native that speak it as a second or third or even fourth language.  Sorry Spain we are probably in second place.

Hindi and Arabic

These two languages come up next on the list.  India has as many as 23 official languages, albeit still debated.

Arabic is recorded to have around 250 million native speakers and has a similar situation as India with a vast array of dialects which effectively gives it a number of languages.


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