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 Speaking easy English is not as hard as you think

5 tips on speaking easy English

Speaking easy

1. Believe in yourself

Don’t be afraid to speak.  If you are nervous or scared to speak because you don’t want to show your mistakes, you will not learn to speak quickly and correctly.  Remember practise makes perfect.  If you are scared of people making fun of you, you are probably around the  wrong people.

2. Listen

Listen to other people speaking and learn by listening. It’s easier to listen when you are shy or nervous to speak, but listening is a guide to speak better.  Listen to the radio, news on the television, anything that trains your ear to English is always beneficial.

3. Mirror training

This doesn’t mean look at yourself in the mirror and ask it who is the most beautiful person on earth.  It is a way to train in how to speak without the scare factor.  Don’t just do mirror training, remember speaking to humans is still necessary to improve your English quickly.

Ask the mirror questions and then answer your questions back to the mirror.  Get your confidence going and then train on humans 🙂

4.  Stay calm and don’t worry about the grammar.

You can make yourself understood regardless of the grammar mistakes you make.  Even native English speakers make grammar mistakes. Grammar will improve with more speaking and listening practise.

5.  Vocabulary is the key

like all languages, vocabulary is the most important part of speaking or understanding a language.  Read a book or a newspaper and learn a few words a day, even one word a day or a few a week will help your speaking.

Practise all of the above and I promise you that your speaking will improve.  Another great way to be able to speak better English is to find a native speaking friend or teacher and practise practice practise.  If you want to find a qualified native English speaking teacher to improve your spoken English click here.


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