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Intonation and how to use them.

Intonation and how to use them

Intonation study



There are three main patterns of intonations in English, they are: 

Rising intonations,  falling intonations,  and fall rise intonations.


So how do we use intonations


Intonations are  variations in spoken pitch.  It indicates attitude and emotion of the speaker.

For example,  We love /LONdon.  This is a falling intonation in a statement

They left for London /YESterday.   Also falling intonation in a statement

Falling intonation means that the pitch falls with time

Rising intonation mean that the pitch rises over time, for example,

Are you ready to /START?

Where are you /FROM?

Or with lists an example would be, 

I have soya milk, chocolate milk and lactose free milk.  The first two items the intonation rises, where on the last item of the list Lactose free milk the intonation falls showing that you have reached the end of the list.

Rising intonations are used normally for questions or lists as shown in the examples above.

Intonations are very important for expressing thoughts and there are many different categories for studying intonations,  just to mention the main ones:

Falling intonations
Rising intonations
Non-final intonations
Wavering intonations

These intonations can be learned best by using a native English speaking teacher.

At ESO, English study online, we only have native speaking qualified English teachers for just this very reason.

Learning English grammar is very important as is the correct pronunciation, but using the correct intonations takes you to that next level; sounding like a native SPEAKER.

so to recap, intonations are,  the melodic pattern of a spoken sentence,  Intonations are a matter variation in the pitch level of the voice, but in such languages as English, stress and rhythm are also involved.

Why not try a trial lesson with one of our qualified native speaking English teachers and start sounding like an English native speaker.

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