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Todays most powerful tool is in my mind the English language.  Ok, it’s the most spoken language in literature, most great  reads are in English and is the language of communication worldwide, so mend your English.

So learning the language will open many more doors in the business world, let alone the socialising platforms of the world.

there are lots of forms of English out there. Have you heard of FLABBY English or as some know it, GASBAG English.  Here are some words that mean the same but are in gasbag English:

plan.                      –    Blue print

To plan                 –    To dream up

cheaper                –     Lower-cost

planned.               –    Master-minded

Talk with.              –     Engage in dialogue with

secret.                    –      Under-cover

mouth.                   –      Oral cavity

Brevity is the best way to go.   The shorter the explanation the more understanding and time efficient the explanation will be.

other things to learn are the punctuation marks, we know pretty much how to use the full stop (.) and the comma (,)   But most people come unstuck with the colon (:) and the semi colon (;)

The semicolon is used when you want to make a pause longer than the comma.

The colon is used when you want to make a slightly longer  pause than the semicolon.

other punctuation marks

Punctuation marks


The next thing very important to learn is Vocabulary.  Did you know that the English vocabulary is larger than the French or German vocabulary, well it’s almost twice as much.

I found that increasing your vocabulary is the most important way to learn how to speak good English and to be understood. A good way to grow your vocabulary is to learn SUFFIXES and PREFIXES you will boost your vocabulary 10 fold.

for example:

explained –   Add the prefix UN.  And you get unexplained, the opposite of the word.

notice –  add the suffix and you see how the verb changes into an adjective. Notice-able


The main thing in how to mend your English if you want to speak and write well is the grammar.  It is important to learn the grammar if you are learning a new language.
Nouns, Pronouns, Adjectives, Prepositions, Conjunctions, Verbs,  Adverbs.  This is the list to work on.  Learn 5 words of each every week and you will improve your vocabulary as well as your grammar in a very short period of time.

Remember the simple rules that the ADVERB explains the VERB and the ADJECTIVE explains the NOUN and you are half way there.

like in most languages the PREPOSITIONS are the biggest hurdle to jump, they bring fear to  most English language learners, but like all other aspects of grammar, they have a rule.

there are two category of prepositions, TIME and PLACE

lets take PLACE for now.

ON is used with flat surfaces, for example:  on the table, on the floor, on the wall.

AT is used for position, for example:  at the bus stop, at the bank, at 15 Warwick road.

IN. Is used for enclosed spaces, for example:  in my pocket, in the box, in the room.

Yes prepositions are a big hurdle to jump when learning the English language, but once you are aware of the various rules the rest is easy.  At English Study Online the qualified teachers can help you with all aspects of grammar. Or you can register free for free grammar videos at www.english-study-online.com

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