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How to learn English in just 15 minutes a day

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Most people think that learning a new language takes a lot of time and most probably a lot of money. Well, it doesn’t have to.  Let me explain.

It is true that paying for a private English teacher costs something, but if you go with an online school like English study online, you will be surprised how inexpensive lessons are.  You can try a trial lesson which consists of one hour with a native qualified experienced teacher for as little as a few pounds.

But let us see how you can self study for just 15 minutes a day or if you prefer one and a half hours a week.

1. Find a comfortable level of English book and read a paragraph every day for say just 5-10 minutes.  Learn any new words you see by finding their meaning in a dictionary.

2. Then put these words on a card or piece of paper, one word for each card and it’s meaning. At the back of the card put all the various forms of the word, the noun, adjective, adverb etc.  Go back to them every day till you have learned what it means and how to use each and every word.  For example:  the word Information means a message  learned through study, experience or instruction.  The other forms are informal, informant, informality etc.  This is a quick way to increase your vocabulary.

3.  Learn phrases, you can google English phrases and find the most common ones used to start off with.   Learn to speak them and use them.  Again put them on a card and build a pile of good English phrases.  Once you have learned them you can eliminate them from the pile.

4.  Listen to the news and  read the news.  You can find news online or on tv.  See if you can hear the words or phrases you have accumulated and learnt.

This daily ritual will take around 15 minutes a day.  It is important to stay focused and don’t skip a day, if you start leaving out a day or two this will affect your progress.

You can also find online schools like ESO that have self study tools, these are free, try them out.  All you need to do is register online and then you have an enormous library of study tools like Recorded lessons, grammar video and listening exercises.

Learning a new language is not as hard as people think, it’s about patience and giving a little bit of your time to the task of learning a language.  I have  come across so many people that feel that learning a new language is a bind,  but when they start to see progress the adrenaline takes over and  you cannot stop.

Good luck in your learning experience.

Let me leave you with some student comments about learning English

  • jolanda ch


    It is so true!

    the same works for me! I spend as many hours with the foreign language as I can, but I never study hard. So learning give me a good feeling.


     Rj fi

    Good idea.


    yeah sure I agree that we don’t need to worry how many hours we spend by learning,most important thing HOW we spend this time.By the way I like your post.

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