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Have you ever asked this question ‘how can I test my level of English’ well I have as a teacher several times, well hundreds of times.


here are several ways, the most obvious one is go online and do an English level tester. At English study online you can test it in just 5 minutes, see the tester here and then scroll down to the lever tester.

If you want to test your English yourself you will need to understand the grammar behind the language and test yourself by using a course book or by going to a native speaking teacher.

finding the right teacher is a task in itself.  Remember that teachers have different skill sets, some are qualified to teach English as a second language others may just have an advance or proficiency exam to their name.

I would go for the first option, qualified teachers that have qualifications like TEFL or CELTA are trained to teach at all levels from beginners to proficiency.

check out the chart below, where do you sit level wise and the real question should be where do you want to sit.  Do you need English for academia purposes or for the work place.  Maybe you just want to have a better level for your self satisfaction.


Chart English level

English level chart

Most students need an advance level C1 for academic purposes.  Universities require student to have at least this level for acceptance.

The work place is a different matter. Depending on the type of work and company, levels from first certificate to as high as proficiency are required. Most law firms tend to require the upper end of the English level chart, whereas a sales person may only require B2 at most.

These exams below are the most sort after by students and you can find level testers for each one.
  • IELTS: Short for International English Language Testing System, a must for immigrating to most English speaking countries.
  • TOEFL: This one stands for TEST OF ENGLISH AS A FOREIGN LANGUAGE  and is very similar to IELTS. However, unlike the other exams, it involves the applicant interacting solely with a computer during the test. A score of 90 or above is considered a good score, but different places may have different requirements for visas, university applications, etc.
  • Cambridge: The Cambridge Assessment English is usually accepted throughout the U.K. It provides results from A1 (beginner) to C2 (proficiency)
  • TOEIC: The Test of English for International Communication is specifically used to test your everyday English skills for a workplace environment.
  • OPI and OPIc: The Oral Proficiency Interview primarily measures your speaking skills, while the OPIc is the same exam, but entirely administered by a computer. You’re usually rated on a scale ranging from “novice” to “superior.”

Whatever level you are you can always improve a language. They say that you only stop learning once you have died.

You can find qualified English teachers at You can also find free study tools to help you to improve your English.








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