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Getting your diploma online

Diploma online

Getting your diploma online Is The Easiest Way To Get Your English Diploma

A certified diploma demonstrates your proficiency with the English language and is a great addition to your CV, helping you gain the attention of employers and potentially securing a better position, salary or both.

Getting your diploma online is also a great way to acknowledge how adept you have become with the English language, and can provide motivation for continued study.

The best way to learn or improve your English skills is with the help of a native English speaker.  At ESO your personal English teachers are all native speakers and are qualified to teach English to international students.  They are all from either the United States or Great Britain.

Why study English online with ESO? Because we offer a range of packages to suit your individual goals and learning style.  We will assess your current level of English proficiency, determine the appropriate level of certificate to aim for and then tailor your 15 hours of preparation time, with your own private teacher, to ensure the successful completion of the exam.

we have two ways to achieve the diploma

1. Buy the exam on its own for just £95 pounds or the 15 one hour course to prepare for the exam followed by the exam paper. All can be done online at your convenience.  It has never been easier to get you English diploma.

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