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Food idioms

How cool would it be If you ordered your meal in idioms. English idioms used with food are in the hundreds, so I could only show a small percentage of them here.


acquire a taste for (something)

– to develop a liking for some kind of food or drink or something else

My friend has recently acquired a taste for classical music.

apple of (someone`s) eye

– someone or something that one likes a lot or likes more than others

The little girl is the apple of her grandfather`s eye.

as black as a skillet

– very black

The little boy’s feet were as black as a skillet.

as busy as popcorn on a skillet

– very active

The children were as busy as popcorn on a skillet when the teacher entered the classroom.

as cool as a cucumber

– to be calm, to be not nervous or anxious

The man is as cool as a cucumber and never worries about anything.

as easy as apple pie

– very easy

The test that I wrote yesterday was as easy as apple pie.

as easy as duck soup

– very easy

It was as easy as duck soup to find the book that I wanted in the library.

as flat as a pancake

– very flat

The child’s toy was as flat as a pancake after the car drove over it.

as hungry as a bear

– very hungry

I was as hungry as a bear when I returned home from work yesterday.

as nutty as a fruitcake

– silly, crazy

The man in the supermarket was as nutty as a fruitcake.

as red as a cherry

– bright red

My new sweater is as red as a cherry.

as slow as molasses in January

– very slow

The little boy is as slow as molasses in January and he never gets his work finished on time.

as sour as vinegar

– sour and disagreeable

The old man next door is as sour as vinegar.

as sweet as honey/sugar

– very sweet

The librarian is as sweet as honey and everybody loves her.

as thick as pea soup

– very thick (can be used with fog as well as with liquids)

The fog was as thick as pea soup along the beach.

as warm as toast

– very warm and cozy

Our house was as warm as toast when we came in from the rain.

at one sitting

– at one time, during one period

We ate most of the cake at one sitting.

back to the salt mines

– to go back to work (this is a humorous expression to express going back to unpleasant work)

“Lunch is over so let`s go back to the salt mines for the afternoon.”

bad apple

– a bad person

The boy is a bad apple and he is always in some kind of trouble.

bad egg

– a bad person

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