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Classrooms versus online learning

It has been a debate for years on which method is the best to learn English.  As a principle of an online award winning school I have no doubt that learning online has many advantages. Let me name just a few:

1. Low cost learning:

  1. Learning English online proves to be a more affordable option than a traditional way like schools and colleges. For example, not a penny to spend on commuting, no travelling costs, no course material costs, this is always supplied by a reputable online school.
  2. 2. A comfortable learning environment:

  3. Study English in the relaxation of your own home or office, arrive at your lesson in just a few seconds or metres, walking from your bedroom or kitchen to your computer wherever it might be in your house or office is stress free, no crowds or traffic to negotiate. 
  4. 3.  Convenience and flexibility:

  5. You can plan your classrooms studies around your other commitments. You can choose the times and days you want to study, at ESO the qualified teachers will work to your schedule, you decide when you want to take a class, no set classes, no timetables for you to follow.


  1. And last but not least
  2. 4.  Fast track learning:

  3. Most serious learners want to progress quickly, whether for an academic reason or for the work place, a one to one online English teacher can tailor make your lesson to your specific needs.  No wasting time on things you already know, just power forward with the things you need to learn to improve your English skills quickly.

    So how does it all work?  you may ask.

    Well it’s exactly like a private lesson in classrooms between your teacher and yourself.  You take the class on your computer or tablet,  the classrooms blackboard is replaced with a whiteboard where you can see, write, interact in a live environment with your assigned English teacher. Your teacher can use the whiteboard to upload lesson material, check your homework or just interact through images or videos.  

    If you want to learn more on how you can improve your  English in online classrooms,  just click HERE


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